Welcome to or back to WMS!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer, relaxing and spending time with family and friends. We’ve been working feverishly through the summer to come back with new
ideas, fresh perspectives and more fun! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Heather Silver and I am the President of the Warren Middle School PTO alongside Gina Rosenfarb. We have a wonderful Exec Board this year comprised of old and new members. This allows us to have a look back at what has worked and still have an open minded approach to what could work going forward.
This year at WMS, we hope to achieve all that we have in the past, but hopefully even more! The PTO is here to enrich the students experiences while they are here, provided by your membership dues and contributions in a multitude of ways. If you have
any suggestions or comments, by all means send them in and we will contact you to discuss them. We look for as much involvement from our membership as you can give.
This year we will be continuing to contribute funds to some big ticket items like both the sixth and seventh grade rec days, the seventh and eighth grade trips, a large donation
for a new fitness center at the school, graduation, and many cultural arts programs throughout the school year. This in addition to any new requests for mini grants. We always welcome outside the box thinking from our teachers and staff for our very deserving students.
We welcome you to join us one Tuesday morning every month (as posted) for our monthly PTO membership meeting. All minutes and correspondence within the PTO for membership needs, will be posted on the website promptly after if you can’t join us in person but we’d love to see you if you are free. Our contact information is also available
there for your needs as well as a calendar of events through the year. Please know that my inbox is always open and I will look forward to hearing from you and having your support throughout this great school year.

Warren Midddle School PTO




PTO Meetings

Join us for our next General Meeting on Tuesday January 8th at 9 am. Come and see how our new website will help you stay informed about school activities and volunteer opportunities.